about POP

The POP (Pedalling Observatory Program) is aimed at school education.
It is aimed at 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles, with the integration of a continuous programme for school groups with training support, to encourage the use of bicycles and the use of technical obstacles to increase their motor skills.
The project is based on three fundamental principles or areas of action: Mobility, Environmental Sustainability and Citizenship.

more about POP

The POP consists of encouraging youngsters to better understand the concept of mobility through learning games.
In addition to the games, they are also encouraged to practise in a social and urban context where they are faced with everyday situations in a “city” created by lines on the ground, where the children can move around with due caution and under the normal rules of conduct of a real city space.
The children are taught to respect all road users, be they drivers, pedestrians or users of any means of transport.

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